Choosing a Preschool for a Wiggly Kid

28 March 2017
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Some kids just never sit still and need to be moving all the time. It can be hard for parents to work out the best preschool for a child who seems like they might not be quite ready to sit quietly on a mat or do colouring at a table. Here are some things to look for in prospective preschools.

A big and well-equipped garden and outdoor area

Kids who like to move around are often physical learners and can take in just as much science from playing in a garden and observing the plants and animals as they can reading a book. Playing in sand pits is also a great way to absorb physical concepts such as mass and movement. A preschool that has great outdoor space that they use for learning sessions, as well as play, can be a good way for energetic kids to get their energy out. 

Dancing and movement classes

Music is a great way to learn early pre-literacy as well as to help encourage gross motor development. Dancing can also help more lively kids to move around and get some of their 'wiggles' out so that they can focus on other tasks. It is a good idea to ask how the school incorporates music, movement and dance into the curriculum as this can ensure that kids can pick up their new skills even if they can't sit still for long enough to fill out worksheets. 

Flexible and easygoing teachers

Having an enjoyable time in preschool is important as it starts the child's educational journey on a positive note. It is important to find teachers that don't get annoyed and frustrated when the kids are moving around, as this is a normal and important part of learning hard tasks for many children. Teachers who are inflexible and who regularly tell off children who aren't still will not be a good fit for a wiggly kid. It's a good idea to meet with the preschool teachers or observe some classes to see how they deal with kids who are having trouble sitting still to see if they would be a good fit for your kid. 

As you can see, there are always ways to get kids learning and enjoying preschool. Finding the right fit in preschool is an important part of the process, as it helps the child to enjoy preschool and gain confidence about school.