Getting Started With Kindy – 3 Ways To Prepare Yourself

27 July 2019
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You've probably read hundreds of articles telling you what you to do to get your child ready for kindergarten. But are you as prepared to face the change? Parents often forget to think of themselves in the bargain. This guide will show you how to prepare yourself when your child is starting kindy. 

Be Prepared To Let Go

The first day of kindy is going to be emotional; more for you than your child in some cases. But this is an important step, so you need to make sure you're emotionally prepared to let go. Instead of dwelling on the day once you drop them off, take the time to do something for yourself. Perhaps go see a movie or catch up with friends – anything that will occupy you so you're not spending your time thinking how your child is going in kindy because chances are they're doing much better than you. Your baby is growing up, so you need to find a way to let go – even if it takes a few tears in the process.

Communicate With The Educators As Much As Possible

It's natural for you, as a parent, to feel anxious about your child in kindy, so it's important you communicate with the educators as much as possible – without becoming a burden. Talk to them if you're feeling anxious yourself. They will probably calm you down by explaining what they intend to do with your child in kindy. Knowing exactly how your child's day will be spent may give you peace of mind knowing your child is getting valuable life lessons. You can even organise specific catch-up times with the educators once your child starts kindy, so you get more comprehensive feedback of how your child is doing.

Get To Know Other Parents

Your child is going to be spending a lot of time with his or her kindy friends, so you might want to get to know other parents as much as possible. A good way to do this is to organise a little parent and child get-together so you are able to meet and see how your kids interact outside school. Once you get to know other parents, you'll feel calmer knowing they are going through the same nervousness as you. This can end up becoming a great support network as you go through the kindy year and into big school.

Preparing yourself for kindy is just as important as preparing your child, so take the time to consider what you need too.