Aspects to Consider When Contemplating a Child Care Centre

19 April 2017
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Making a choice to enrol your child at a care centre is a big decision. The right child care centre will be able to provide your child with a seamless transition from their regular home schedule to the unfamiliar faces of caregivers and peers. Your choice of care centre should be focused on the needs of your child as well as your needs, budget and schedule. As such, a lot of thought must go into which child care centre would be the most appropriate, especially with the wide assortment of options available. Below are some of the aspects to consider when contemplating a child care centre.

Consider if you want the care centre to be close to your residence or workplace

When whittling down the options, first determine whether you want the location to be near your office or to your residence. Different pros and cons come with either location.

For instance, a child care centre that is located close to home means that you will always be able to get your child to the centre on time. On the other hand, a child care centre close to your office means getting to spend extra time with your child in the morning as you take the commute together.

Other factors that you may also have to consider when making a decision on what location would be best include rush hour traffic, the type of neighbourhood the centre is in and more.

Consider if they allow for playtime in natural light

An often-overlooked part of child care is whether the kids get to spend time outdoors or not. Usually, parents will focus on the play equipment as well as toys that are being provided indoors to determine the amount of stimulation that the child will receive. However, outside playtime is also essential, as this will ensure your child is receiving an adequate supply of vitamin D on a daily basis.

One thing to note though is that not all child care centres may be able to provide the kids with outdoor playtime, especially if the building is located in the concrete jungle, as there simply may not be any exterior living spaces to accommodate the children. It would then be up to you to decide whether your kids will play out in the sun while at home or if it is better to find a child care centre that can provide this for them.